Clorox Performance Bleach with Cloromax Fresh Meadow

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  • 3-pack of 121 oz. Clorox bottles
  • Cleans and protects surfaces and keeps whites whiter longer
  • Concentrated formula for improved laundry stain removal
  • Filtered 3 times to deliver the purest bleach
  • Removes 70% more stains than detergents alone, and kills 99.9% of germs

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Clorox Performance Bleach with CloroMax® 3-pack (121-ounce bottles) is a powerful, effective solution for tough messes. It helps to remove stains, kill germs and keep your business or home clean.

What is CloroMax Technology?

Clorox Performance Bleach with CloroMax Technology gives you an advanced cleaning solution for everyday tough messes. This unique technology helps to clean and protect your surfaces while repelling future grime and grease and reducing soil adhesion. This makes Clorox especially useful in the kitchen, where grease splatters and spills happen daily. CloroMax’s stain-protecting power helps to get white clothes and sheets whiter, so laundry time isn’t such a chore. Using Clorox in the bathroom on all your non-porous surfaces allows you to deep clean and kill germs.

Clorox Performance Bleach 3-Pack

This purchase comes as a convenient 3-pack, with each Clorox bottle offering 121 oz. It’s great for restaurants, cleaning companies or busy households. It can help to keep a hotel, maid service or other business fully stocked.

Tough Cleaning Jobs

Clorox Performance Bleach with CloroMax is designed to take on the toughest cleaning jobs. It kills up to 99.9 percent of germs, so it’s well suited for use in the bathroom or kitchen. Whether you’re cleaning up a one-time spill or simply doing routine maintenance around a business or home, it’s sure to get the job done.

When Should You Use Clorox Performance Bleach?

Use Clorox with CloroMax to disinfect toilets, bathtubs and sinks. Add the recommended amount to a bucket of mopping solution to kill germs on a bathroom tile floor. Using bleach on kitchen countertops and sinks after cooking with raw meat can prevent food-borne germs from spreading. When washing white laundry, such as bed sheets, clothing or towels, add Clorox Performance Bleach to the load to keep your whites whiter and remove stains. This formula can help remove up to 70 percent more stains than just detergent alone, so you can trust that it will effectively help to remove makeup, sweat, grass stains and more from your clothing.


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